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WHAT WE DO: We help companies to create successful loyalty programs for customers and business partners. 

  • For those who periodically remember about their customers and celebrate partnerships, we provide memorable business gifts, crafted locally by skilled and talented artists and designers.

  • We also craft unique fine art greeting cards and we mail them by postal services on your behalf.

  • In addition we provide complete gifting services like customization, packaging, shipping / door-to-door delivery.

WHY IT MATTERS: Keep your business strong by keeping your customers' and partners' loyalty stronger. Already established business relations must be continuously reinforced by periodically expressing appreciation.
WHAT WE OFFER: Affordable ART as a GIFT & ART for Your Office: 

reasonable priced selection of carefully curated, unique, customizable, hand crafted, fine-art objects.

WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS: With ARTISTIQ.eu, it's much easier for companies to find in one place a diverse collection of quality business gifts and decorative objects for their offices.
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Bucharest - Romania - Europe